Watering with Autos

Just had a quick question. I have 2 5gal fabric pots mixed with buffered coco coir mixed with a small amount of FFOF & Perlite, so far my girls are 19days old and look alright so far. Watering has been my biggest fear because I’m scared I will give too much or not enough. I have been feeding them each about a 20ml water bottle ph6.0 typically along with cal mag, when watering I have been waiting around 4days between and they seem fairly dry! Today however I decided to start nutes (Lucas formula) 2ML Cal Mag, 2ML Micro and 4ML Bloom. I have seen several guys on YouTube have some awesome success with this but I’m not sure I guess I have to learn. I fed both plants half a gallon each. I didn’t notice any run off is this going to be an issue? With FFOF mixed in should I be watering until run off? I’m sure I’m doing a lot wrong so far but it’s trial and error I guess.

Hear lots of people talk about salt build ups and nute lock out or whatever with coco

Confusing setup you are using Coco which means you have to add nutes, but you also are using ffof which is a hot soil where you don’t add anything for 4 weeks. I am not sure what to say, I could help you more if you were just in one or the other. Not sure how to advise. Well your watering sounds good but I would water every day or every other day.

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Yup first time growing a big mistake trust me haha. I would not do again! And I have no excuses as to why :grimacing:

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I’m trying to think @Bulldognuts or @Covertgrower may have some idea.

This is an experimental soil/coco ratio, until deficiencies arise, I don’t know. Best I can suggest to feed lightly until you need to feed more.

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