Watering White Widow autoflowers

The moral to the story is: Grow in what you feel comfortable with and want to grow in. Having decided what to grow in, learn how to best grow in that medium.

Full hydroponic is another option that many folks swear by. I just like growing in dirt (FFOF).

I had never grown anything other than a mustache until January of last year. Learned everything that I know from Robert’s grow bible and the great growers and friends on this forum.


Thank you, people like you are what makes this site what it is I appreciate your knowledge

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Thanks, I am just learning the ropes myself. So much to learn…

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You must be a fast learner lol

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I’d say if there is a learning test You passed with flying colors does it say really beautiful but I hope mine turn out like that

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I just went over and took a look…you are killing it!

Just don’t rush to harvest unless weather or some other issue forces your hand.
I chopped one of my last week because the stupid plant was ripening way ahead of schedule.