Watering while on vacation


have to go out of town, actually the mountains are calling & I must go!!! that means I need to trust someone to water for me. use fox farm fertilizer. is it stable enough to mix up to 4 weeks worth?


@Srsloman aren’t the mountains always calling. :blush: I’m in the mountains now and my girls are 400 miles away until sunday


@Josh1126 which side?


Why not slap together a quick drip system on a timer? I did it with a cooler a pump and timer. Through in a air stone to keep it churning. Then no one can get lazy or over/underwater. If you’re in soil, just make the nute solution really really weak.


I wouldn’t think so. It’s recommended that any nute solution be used within a week or less so they don’t fall out of suspension. And without aeration or circulation most mix up right before they use. And the problem with both of those methods is they cause ph to creep.

If you have someone coming by to water I would just leave clear step by step instructions on mixing, and have them come by to do it with you before you leave.


I didn’t know that about the nutes. Thanks. I only set mine up for a week at a time.


@Srsloman I’m down west Virginia damn near to ohio


How long are you gonna be gone? If you give a good feeding then let your friend water with just ph water should be good for a week


@dbrn32 for the win again. If u have trust. Bring them in a couple times to see your process. And leave detailed instructions. Dont wanna come home to an ‘accident’