Watering while in vacation

Goin on vacation for a week. Any tips or ideas I can do for watering while I’m away.

Depends on the age of your plants. They have automated plant watering devices.
Depending on how long your away, you could heavily water, and you might be able to to do that.

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Search up ‘top feed run to waste’ If you set this technique up accordingly with the correct size reservoir you could leave your feeding unattended for 1 - 2 weeks depending on which stage of growth you’re at.
The only problem you’ll have is fluctuating PH if you’re not using advanced nutrients, search up ‘Torus Hydro PerfectPH’ they have a piece of equipment to combat this problem.

AutoPot makes an item called Easy2Go that allows you to put your pots in a tray, and it feeds through the bottom of the pot for as long as your water reservoir holds out.

It can feed as many plants as can fit in your tray. It floods the tray to 20mm (3/4 in) and won’t water again until that water is gone.

I just bought a kit to try with a SOG that I’m planing. I plan to put as many plants as possible in a 30x32 inch pan (designed to fit under washing machine) growing in a 3x3 tent. Watering a bunch of individual plants would be a pain in the butt.

This is just one of many items that will work, just thought I’d point it out because I just got one and it’s something I’ve been thinking about.

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