Watering…while away for Thanksgiving

Hi All,

First grow in 20 years so I think that brings me all the way back to beginner status.

Question on watering…while away for Thanksgiving.

I’m leaving town Monday morning and returning Saturday afternoon. So gone for 5.5 days.

Here is a pic of my WW seedlings as of this morning. They sprouted above ground 3 days ago (Tuesday).

They are planted in 3 gallon fabric pots and the soil is 80% FFOF and 20% perlite.

Should I give them a good watering the day I leave and then add a couple watering bulbs to each pot? I know they don’t need much water at this point but am I wrong thinking 5.5 days is too long between waterings?

Temps in the tent will range in the low 70s to upper 80s with humidity in to 50%-65% range. So warm and fairly humid.

It’s not an ideal situation but I just want to make sure they make it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Have Slash come by and water for you :]


In those pots they should be fine for 5 days no problem if you water them before you go.


Excellent idea! iii];)’


Much appreciated. Was hoping that was a possibility but wasn’t sure as I’ve only been watering in these pots and soil misture for a week. Thank you!


Blumat has there famous water carrot now able to use on a water bottle its what I use when I’m gone for more than a few days nothing more shitty than going on a vacation to return to almost dead plants or worse dead plants lol


Excellent. Thanks for the heads up on these. Just ordered.

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They are similar to watering globes but alot more well managed as far as water uptake imo they work well

Keeping these in mind :+1:

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They also have a entire system that you can run off a reservoir no electricity involved


Took 2 1 week trips this summer. Just watered hard and bolted. Was more worried about power outage or fans and no restart. Plants did fine. I did lower dimmers a bit on fans and lights.

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Appreciate the info. Already feeling better about being gone for the week.

That’s what I would do. Soak them real well and turn down the temperature.

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Thanks for everyone’s help on this. Got back for being away for 5.5 days and they’ve grown very nicely while away.