Watering to run off question

I see many posts commenting on measuring pH from run off. Should I be watering enough that the water actually runs out of the bottom at each watering? I am using 3 and 5 gallon fabric pots indoors with FF ocean forest soil. I have been watering when it’s dry to my second knuckle, but was concerned about drowning them. TYIA

I don’t check the pH. If I did, I could help. But that isn’t the case.

Once the plant is 3 weeks old or so you can water till run off.
If your in fabric pots don’t worry about over watering as long as you have them propped up so they can drain and not sit in their own run off.
I have put a garden hose in mine and left them for 10min Durring flushing and no issues, just let them drain good after and I woild say 10min is long enough don’t want to soak em much more nor should you ever have to.

I read TDS/PPM run off and PH but I wouldn’t be really that concerned about your PH run off, others may disagree with me but I haven’t had it help me at all I just make sure water is the right PH going in.
Runoff tds is to determine how much I need to feed them

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I think in a charged soil you don’t want to water to runoff

I think Fox Farms recommends it with their soil.

Need to catch run off TDS samples somehow…

@NewGirl good question I was wondering the same thing thanks for asking

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