Watering the weed when on ur holiday

Is there any way to keep plants watered when I go on holiday? Can’t really ask the neighbours lol!!!

I set a pump into a 5 gal bucket, ran tubes to each plant, then put it on a timer.

It’d be easier, and less failure prone, to have a trusted friend do it.


Cheers :+1:

image on EBAY


Welcome! You have gotten some good advice above. Happy growing and have fun on the vacay

Hi @WickedAle. Just browsing thru. What are those spikes called. They are cool for certain applications. Thanks man.:wink::shamrock::sunglasses:

I just searched on eBay. Can’t remember what I used for keywords.

Check out blumat watering system. Works on a drip :+1:

I did the same design, but a 25 gal tub for water, ohh boy, came back early from Florida and water all over basement floor, I think It dumped all the water in one feeding, one plant was sev dehydrated, the other three a lil limp, but all perked back up by the next day, one is still struggling, had to put it into a bigger pot today, 15 days into flower, we ll see, I didn’t mess with the root ball so should be fine.

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I did a few “dry” runs before I left. Just to make sure everything worked as it should.

I like the blumat concept, but it’s not cheap. Especially for someone like me that only goes away 1x/year.

I bought a lil irrigated kit, didn’t seem to have enough power to push water to 4 plants, it seemed to follow the path of lease resistance.