Watering Techniques for Scrog setups

As a new grower I was tough to water enough to get a 20% runoff. To do this I’ve always placed my fabric pot (which sit on a plastic base) into a large basin, water, let drain, then put her back into her spot.

Now my next grow I plan on attempting to setup a scrog, so when she’s all tied up into the screen, the pot obviously cant be moved, so how do you all setup for this? I see most have large plastic basins, but how do they remove the excess water? Thanks for the tips?

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I use a shop vac. Some set up a sort of drain so that the runoff can be caught in another container. I’ve heard of using a turkey baster to suck it out. Others make their whole setup, screen and all, mobile. Merlin's Grow Log - #359 by merlin44


All great and simple ideas. Expect that mobile scrog setup. Pretty cool @elheffe702


My scrog plants are in a 16"x24"x8" high plastic bin. I have them raised inside the bin on 1"x3" lumber.

I use a shop vac “stinger” to draw the runoff out.

Exact same vac I have. I used to keep two in my work van…one for wet, one for dry! It and the “Buckethead.”

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