Watering soil before putting seed in or not

About to start a new grow. Just wanted to get people’s thoughts on if I should water soil before planting or not. I plan on using tap water I set out for 24 hours. P H of water from tap is 7.8 should I bring the ph down or not worry about that.

Very little water. Many growers will not water a seedling at all and instead put a humidity dome (a cut pop bottle or clear Solo cup) and spray inside of the dome a couple times a day. The plant can get all of the water it needs via the humidity in the dome. This solves the issue with wet soil. It’s very important since seedlings generally only have a tap root and not a root system to rely on.

If you do choose to water, then keep in mind that young plants only need a couple of ml of water per day.

It needs to be 6.5 if in soil or 5.8 if you are growing in coco.


I make the soil medium moist before putting the seed in. I then dome it and don’t water again for a week or more after it emerges from the soil.

When I do finally water the seedling, I water very little and only around the outer edge of the soil. After that first watering, it might be another week or more before they get any more water.


Same here. Not sopping wet, but if i grab a handful and squeeze it no water comes out and it breaks apart when released. Bone dry will cause issues later so you want to avoid that.


Just damp, not saturated, i water just the center a little, so when you grab a handful and squeeze it will stay together but not drip water.


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Cool! We call this “field capacity” in mushroom growing. It’s even more important in a mushroom grow.