Watering Smart pots

this one is mostly for @Donaldj cause i know he uses these types of pots(for now anyway)

so, for me watering has been the hardest part. im going by the “it feels light-it needs water” theory.
but these new smart pots seem to feel light like 8-10 hours after watering.
i remember reading about that happening with these pots so, not alarmed, just wanted your .02

do you water daily with smart pots? with the buckets i would go at least 2 days, sometimes 3.

Lol they do lose water fast because they sweat but I still judge by weight some of my plant I could easily water daily but I tend to wait and water every second or third day much like watering in other pots the difference comes more form the airflow into your soil. I also watch my plants to know when they want water they start to slightly droop when they need water if you are in coco you can easily water daily too it greatly depends on your soil mix.
The fact they evaporate helps keep root zone cooler and prevent overwatering greatly reducing ph issues that come about from stagnant water rotting soil they air prune roots promoting branching and reducing plant becoming root bound

right now, my soil is only Happyfrog. they are about 2-3 weeks into veg’.

do you normally transplant when using S.pots?
right now they are 3 gallon. but pretty soon, i have to put in new container with SuperSoil at bottom.
i have some 5 gallon S.pots to use. will that work you think?

I go from solo cups to 1L then 1 gal straight to 3 or 5 depends on my space I like to transplant to final pot 2 weeks before I flip lights to flower the nice thing you will find when you transplant is roots will be air pruned around the pot so there will be far less stress. They will recover far faster :slight_smile: