Watering seedlings and ph?

Do you Ph your “misting water” when misting leaves and the cover during the seedling stage???

Personaly, I don’t recommend misting the leaves on seedlings, I mist the inside of the dome to keep the humidity up for them.

I do on the other hand mist the leaves on clone cuttings until there are roots present.

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PH is correlated to nutrient uptake so if the water isn’t in the death zone it wont matter. Not sure where PH4.5 - PH7.5 would be my guess.

The Ph out of the tap is 7.2/7.5 just not sure I should Ph to 6.5 than mist the dome or is the Ph less important at this stage?

Not misting the leaves makes sense. I’ve never used the dome technique before, always just planted the seed in a solo cup after the tap root came out. This time I’m going to dome them so if you have any advise it would be appreciated.


I’ve never ever tested for pH personally. I may at a later date but for now, I won’t. My plants seem to be doing just fine. :+1:

I didn’t Ph at all in my first grow and had a myriad of issues not all due to Ph but some were. Ph’ed last grow and had no issues of any kind!!!I ain’t stopping now!!!


Always ph…period always cant go wrong

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While I don’t ph…ever period…I agree with fano. You should always pH

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Unless using straight R/O or distilled. My last grow; any time I watered with no nutes I didn’t even bother. Something must have gone wrong because I only harvested 14 oz from that plant lol.


Soooooo do you Ph the misting water???,?,?

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Nope. Distilled and R/O are pure water so any PH reading is spurious. It’s the very definition of neutral PH. Your meter cannot get an accurate reading. I keep a squeeze bottle and an atomizer handy with seedlings; both filled with R/O.

But if you dont have ro water and u want a good water for clone spraying aquafina is spot on

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If you add a little bit of calmag it creates enough particles or ions or whatever in it where you can get a decent read and adjust. If you let ro water sit in the air to long it goes acidic.

I was lurking lmao

How does the ro water go acidic?

Sounds like it might he of those mineral base waters at 8.0 and might dip below when the bacifier volitilizes

Ro water is made is is neutral. When exposed to air to goes acidic down to 6.5 or sometimes lower. Idk why it just does.

Ah yes Google. Apparently ro water absorbs co2 from the air and it creates carbonic acid

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That’s cool never knew that thanks for the info :v::sunglasses: