Watering schedules

I’m a beginner an need some advice please.
My plants(2) are 7wks They’re into there 2wk of flowering.
I have been changing water once a week and giving nutrients.
Last Monday 18th was first flowering nutrient Do i still keep changing water every week and giving new nutrients.
I’m unsure and really dont know
I’m doing this on my own with no help
They have started to flower with the fine white hairs
What do i do
Please help
Thanks Ally from Oz


@dbrn32 @repins12

What kind of system are you using?

I started off using a self watering recycle system which was on the ground whilst th e plant were young aand higher than the watering tub.
But the plants grew too tall and were reaching the light so i had to put the plants down on ground.
I am now hand watering as the other set up wouldn’t pump the water out to recycle.
I just want to know if i still have to change the water weekly

Are you aerating the res and maintaining ph? If not, you may want to just go to mixing up what you need each time you feed.

As far as hand watering, that can vary a lot. The type of media in pots can need different schedules. The size and condition of your plants, environmental conditions of your space, and probably numerous other factors. Something like coco can be watered daily or maybe even multiple times a day. But some soils may only require water/feed one or two times per week.


I am aerating the res and maintaining PH
The medium i am using is perlite.
As this is my first time i thought I’d try that
Maybe next time I’ll use coco
Its all a learning curve for me
Thank you for replying to my post

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In straight perlite you probably want to get your drip system back running again. I have never grown that way, but I can’t imagine it has much water retention at all.