Watering schedule

So yesterday was the first day of 12/12 as I’m beginning the flowering stage. I watered last night and fed it some monster bloom. I look this morning and they’re like this . How often am I suppose to be watering during flowering . They look sort of droopyUploading… Uploading…

Your pictures didn’t load. Try to repost them.

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I water in flowering the same as veg. Water, Water, Feed. The plants will dictate how quickly they drink the water. I am watering in 5gal smart pots every 3-4 days. My plants are 2 footers.

I’m using 3 gallon pots with 1 gallon water . And the two big ones are 2ft. Maybe I’m not watering enough

Two really good ways I use to see how low I am on water. The first which you most likely cant do cause you would have had to before now. When I do my transplant I get the feel of the pot with just soil before I wet it down. Then I just lift them when I know I am around watering time and calculate the weight to see how dry they are. 2nd for me, once I scrog is the knuckle test. I just put my finger down into the soil to the first knuckle and if it is still moist then you are okay. The soil will of course be wetter as you go down so first knuckle has always been a rule of thumb for me.

Hope that helps. Just make sure that you don’t over-water especially during flowering. Systems of over-watering can look like under-watering until it becomes more serious. If you get a chance, download the grow bible off this site. I am not sure the exact link. Read it and will make you a much better grower moving forward.

Minus the slight drooping you have going on they look really good. Keep it Up!

I was advised to just let mine dry out when they started looking like that and it did them a world of good the roots needed to get more air/oxygen is what my problem was .


I usually just try to find the sweet spot between being dry and drooping with mine but your not wrong at all @Oldstoner. As long as they don’t dry out too much they bounce right back. I was just trying to make BB aware that at early stage over and under watering look the same.


Not disagreeing with you at all @SativaStone my problem was transplanting into a four gallon pot and watering for a grown plant . It was necessary for me to let them dry out completely but at the time I didnt know that they prefer to dry out before the next water day now I just let them dry then give a quart or two and no nutes till they start needing them

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That makes total sense. Right on!

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Thanks guys . Are you guys familiar with topping ? A friend of mines keeps telling me I should top my WW to produce more tops to possible get a bigger yield. Is there any truth to this and how do you top a plant

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If I understand correctly you’re using whit Widow autos? In this case, I would be hesitant to top too much as autos have a finite Veg period. With that said, Topping can be an effective method of bushing out your non-auto seed plants, and increase over all yield.

The idea is, the more tops, the bigger the yield.
By “Topping”, you turn one top into two. This idea can be expanded by something called “FIM” or “Fimming” (F* I missed).

“Supper cropping” is another method.

You also might want to check out LST (low stress training) method.

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:


have another question fam have my plants outside for the last week because it’s been very nice 75 degrees the humidity is 63 is it anything I could do about the humidity even though it’s outside