Watering questions

So i read the watering guide someone shared on here and many comments about testing runoff and i have questions. How often are you guys watering your plant so much there is runoff? How big were your plants when you started doing this? And as for testing runoff for ppm, ppm of what? First time grower and apparently the grow guides i looked at online were not as thorough as i would have hoped.


Hey I’m a beginner too I’m 1 month in my first grow and I’ll try to answer your questions as best as I can, im sure someone with more experience will correct me if I’m wrong

Me personally, this is what I did

First 1/2 weeks I put a dome on the seedling and misted it once a day and every 3/4 days I would put some water just outside the dome

After I removed the dome I started giving them like 30/40 ml of water whenever the soil felt dry (I usually stick my finger in the pot and feel if it’s dry or moist)

After that I started to gradually increase the water I gave as they grew ( always small increments it’s better to underwater than to overwater)

Here they are

The only one I have watered till runoff is the biggest one I’ll start soon with the two other biggest

In my opinion you don’t need to water till runoff until they grow big enough

Also you should only start measuring ppm of runnof water when you start feeding them nutrients

If you have any other questions or you don’t think I have answered correctly feel free to ask if I can I’ll answer or I’ll ping someone more knowledgeable


Ps: I forgot to mention that I just gave them yesterday 3,5 liters between all of them

You shouldn’t be afraid of how much you give at once but how frequently you don’t want the soil to be damp because the roots also need oxygen to thrive or you’ll get root rot which means 100% death of plant

Soil should alternate between moist and dry


This is age specific Grow Bro and safe to water or feed to run off after week 3 above ground for a healthy plant or the 4th node is visible. For amended soils like FF start feeding once the run off is below 1000 and feed to maintain this

Seedling- temps at 78-85 with an RH of 65-75%. Water about a shot glass or 2 every third day. I mist my seedlings on the days in between.

Veg- drench to drought routine, temps around 72-82, RH of 60-65%

Flower- same as above but lower the RH to around 45-55% :love_you_gesture:


Parts Per Million (PPM) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) the PPM of TDS in the runoff will tell you how strong the nutrient content of the soil is.
Welcome to your new fave hobby.


How did you decide when to remove the dome and just water the soil?


until seedlings outgrew the dome

I used a cut plastic bottle
Remember not to water on the seedling you want to make circles around it

Feel free to ping me when you have questions if I can help I surely will if I can’t I’ll tag someone who can

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This isn’t exactly when I removed the dome but generally when the first true leaves get this big I think you are good to go

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When the leaves are touching the side of the dome Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Either touching the side of the dome or when the first true set of leaves fully develop