Watering questions…just dropped 6 autos in 5 gallon pots

I just put 6 auto white widow seeds that I had in cups of water 24 hrs then transferred to paper towel for 24 hrs that all looked good and had nice little tails in my fox farms OF with fox farms HF in the middle (about solo cup size). I have a 4x4 tent with 2 tsw 2000 Mars hydro lights hanging about 24 inches from the 6 pots which gives me around roughly 600 ppfd at the tops of the pots all around atleast. I placed seeds with tails down in the middle of the HF about one knuckle deep and spray misted about 0.5L pH 6.2ish carbon filtered tap water from my spigot in each pot and put my lights on 18/6. Will keep temp 72-78 and humidity 70-75ish. They are 5 gallon fabric pots btw.

Doesn’t seem like I gave them enough water so my questions are do i water much less during the earlier stages or just the entire grow keep it saturated but not wet?

Does everything else I am doing seem good to go with you guys? Like the lights height/dimness and ppfd?

If I maintain proper ppfd for each stage that is recommended for good yields does light intensity or distance matter as long as the lights aren’t so close they are overheating the plant?

Please help and thanks in advance.



I place a dixie cup on the soil and press down to make a circle around the seedling. I only give 1 Tablespoon of water in that circle each day. Even though my pic is in a small planter, it should be the same no matter how big the container is in


Great Idea!!! I usually add too much and burnt for a slow recovery start!

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Thank you!! Unfortunately I didn’t get this response before adding a good amount of water to each fabric pot (enough to where each one barely started draining)

When I stick my finger about an inch deep the soil still feels moist at this point and I will keep monitoring. Humidity has remained above 75 most of the time since dropping the seeds in the pot with temp also staying in 75-79 range… do you think I should be fine? Because I added much much more than you just said…


Seedling do not need much water as mentioned you can also use a clear cup or water bottle cut in half an set down over seedling after it pops. Mist the inside of the bottle a couple times a day. Good luck

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Water the outside edge of the pot to make the roots stretch to the water. I water my 5 gallon every other day once good growth has started

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Well now she is watered real well give it like id say a week til the pots feel loght dry again then give her another water but only like a cup worth of phd water. Up the amount of water as she grows. Mainly try and keep a ring around the plant if the leaves from tip to tip are 2 inches water a 2 inch ring if it is 5 inches water 5 inches away from stalk but water descent as to where the roots stretch to the outsides of the pot. Autos are pretty touchy but ur gonna have your hands full and a packed tent unless u run into issues. W.w. autos i grew were all monsters 4 and 5 feet tall and 3 and 4 feet wide. And them were first plants from first grow and second grow. This run my zkittlez autos are massive compared to the first run lol


thanks so much for your response I keep checking and haven’t watered again lights are off now temp dropped closer to 70. Seems like I shouldn’t have to water for days at this pace kinda like your saying should have plenty for a bit. But the distance based on leaf length thing is very nice to know.


Yeah, it won’t need watered for a while.


Like you said still don’t think I need to water…thanks for easing my mind I made a journal here just posted some pics I just took.

Grow journal

Thanks again here is the progress