Watering question?

Need some advise on watering. This grow my plants are drinking like drunken sailors, plants droop and look withered every other day. Have been letting them go till they do this (every other day) and then give them a good drink till runoff. Should I give them a little water every day or keep letting them dry out as they are doing?? They recover almost immediately after watering. I was wondering if the stress is good for them??? Advise appreciated.

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@Audiofreak, I cannot tell you what you should do or what anyone else does…

I water when they need it but I NEVER let my plants droop on purpose. Many folks do and grow great plants. I water/feed when the soil has dried enough for the pot to start feeling light. Very infrequently, I will miss a watering and get just a little bit of drooping on the lower leaves but I try to not let this happen.

What type of container are they in?
Are they possibly root bound?

There in 5 gal pots of FFOF. They need a drink every other day. BTW I do use FF neuts every other watering as instructions say but not at the levels on the bottle. About a little more than half the dosage the “schedule” suggests (FF schedule). The droop is very noticeable but rebound immediately with no apparent ill effects.that’s why I haven’t changed the watering schedule. Kind of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but I am a newbe sooo a little unsure. Don’t think they are root bound as they don’t exhibit any other issues and as I say they rebound so quick and grouth doesn’t “seem” to be affected.

How much water do you give them until you get runoff? The reason I ask is if the soil gets real dry it becomes hydrophobic and can run right through the pot. With the ocean forest soil, I add 1/2 gallon water and let it soak in for about 10-15 minutes. I always get some run off with that. I discard that runoff and clean my runoff tray. Then I slowly add the second half of the gallon.

I have been giving a gal split between the 2 plants and get a 20% runoff (aprox as i don’t measure it) it starts running out after about 3/4 of the water being input.

Damn I’d hate for them to be afraid of water or catch rabies. LOL just messing wit cha

What stage/how old are your plants? I’m in week 4 of flower in 5 gal fabric pots and mine take a 1 1/2 gallons each every other day @Audiofreak

They are about 8 weeks or so. Flipped them on 5/30, pretty much same age. Wow 1 1/2 gal each. I’d be getting about just under 1/2 gal of runoff at that amount of watering.

They are big girls lol @Audiofreak

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Wish I had that much room

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I tried a cabinet first and it was too much planning to get the veg and flower schedules down so it didn’t over grow. So I built a 10x12 room in the basement and now I can let them go wild @Audiofreak

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You would be surprised at how wilted a plant can get and still bounce back after a watering, we had a day of 46C heat that caused major wilting or my 4 plants grown in 50L plastic pots, I thought they were dead but 30 minutes after watering them they had bounced back.

From the info I’ve read on this site the consensus seems to be letting soil dry out between watering. The wilting I observe is obvious but not seemingly injurious as they bounce back immediately. Am I miss reading this info???

No I’ve read to let them dry out but mine never get to the drooping thirsty stage but I know some on here shoot for that. I am only a nooblet so take what I say for what its worth. I’ve found the hardest thing about this is there are 50 ways to do everything.lol And its really personal preference at the end of the day. There is no chiseled in stone procedures for doing any of this which makes it harder to jump into.

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