Watering question

hey folks ,

Ive been checking for many hours about when watering in each season(Seed,Veg,Bud) …

  1. Seeding => I planted some seeds few hours ago … Seeds was ready with theyr roots and after moving them into my pots with soil , i did watered em kinda enough …(is that OK?) … ive been reading also that u need to water your baby seeds for 2 or even 3 days in a row so the roots goes more strong(aint that gonna end into a roten roots?) …I also saw some ppl saying that for 2-3 weeks that seeding season lasts u need to water them once a week( + add some nutris)
  2. Veg+Bud => When do i water? do i wait for the soil to goes full dry out?
  3. Nutris => When do i start adding nutrients on each season seed/veg/bud?

Seedling that were just placed into soil only need to be moist not wet I just went through that so I know first hand.
If your soil has nutrient in it already you don’t add more. Between the seedling and soil it has plenty to last it for a few weeks or more.
Veg…all depends on your grow setup.
Me I veg with 400w hps or maybe my two 1000w hps i’ll have to water more often using the 1000w vs 400w
Same goes for flowering I water them every day and if don’t they sure show it big time.
So what i’em saying is that I loose a lot to evaporation and the ladies drinking a lot when flowering using 1000w hps

Who ever said water for two or three days = NO
Add nutrients to seedlings =NO

Start adding nutrients when they have 5-6 true sets of leaves that’s about when you transplant into larger pots and then I only use 1/2 strength and increase over time
The nutrients you buy should come with a feed schedule


Hmmm ok ill keep an eye on it …
But did u use any florence or anything that has to do with lighting system wise for the early growing babys aka Seeding period … (2-4 weeks if im not mistaken hm?)

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Yes Bud,I have two 17w Florence lights I keep on the new seedlings waiting to pop ground and leave it on 24/7 even after they pop ground for two -four weeks then I switch to 400 w hps or I may use the 1000w hps just depends on what going on for the veg period’
Here is a pic of my OG Krush, Super Skunk and Northern Light at 5 weeks old under 400w hps


Wow those are some good looking babys :wink: And thanks for the infos btw.. Is there any type of fluorescents that you prefer more ? Or they are all the same type? Ill soon need to drive my self to the store so i can buy some of those fluorescent/bulbs of hps too …

Home depot or LOWES. I use 17w light I have two of them while your there get your self some root shock…It’s call Super Thrive


Just curious why you would not want to invest in a small HID lamp system?

I use Liquid Karma for all my seedlings and clones. Only thing I give them until they are ready for full strength nutrients. :slight_smile:

I really dont want to give em anything since every time i tried that i burn em down :stuck_out_tongue: i know its my mistake but ill try go natural/plain way as much as possible … atleast for the seedling period …
As about the lighting , ive seen loads of videos and re searched alot .most ppl prefer 17w Floresences , dont ask me why bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: im new in this … i bought 1 today for my self … id say people prefer it because its cheap? it only costed 14 eu full system with the bulb …
Ive no idea whats HID lamp system prices though … and whats their Wats?


OK. People do not prefer that small of a lamp unless they are not worried about producing much yield.

Maybe many beginners attempt this. Good Luck.

Ouhmm if you say so :slight_smile: whats HID prices? ill give it a go for sure

Go to Ebay and look for this,
400 watt 400w Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System Set Kit

$96.95 free S&H


Will check mate thanks

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Your Welcome budhead any time