Watering question with distilled water

Is it necessary to PH distilled water? @BobbyDigital @MeEasy @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Budz

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Just my 2 pennies no only when nutes are added do I ph


Distilled does not need to be ph’d. Same with RO water.
Both take on the ph of the medium.


It’s actually impossible to pH distilled water. There are no ions in the water for a pH to exist. Distilled will take on the pH of the medium in which it is placed.


If distilled and RO take on the ph of the medium how does flushing the soil do anything to alter the PH of the soil? I’m confused by this.

A flush flushes out the fertilizer salts from your growing medium and this salt retention is what submarines pH. I’ve found that once the salts are gone (in Happy Frog, for instance) the pH reverts back to ~6.5.

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Its crazy to think how much I read about feeding and watering properly that this info, this KEY info, was lost on me. Thanks for clearing it up…hahah its like you flushed my pot of knowledge!

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I’m glad you brought it up. It reminded me that I need to flush my girl. She is half way through flowering and getting some nute burn symptoms and pH is getting hard to control. A flush will correct those issues.