Watering question if you will

So I know the worst mistake rookies make is overwatering. I have two seedlings in solo cups right now that are about and inch tall. The whole top inch of the soil is dry because of the light. Can I water it. This is happening every day. I don’t want to kill the babies by overwatering but I also don’t want them to dry up. Please advise.

A clear dome such as a clear solo cup or a cut pop bottle over your seedlings and misting inside the dome a couple of times a day is sufficient water for seedlings for the first week to 10 days. They’ll absorb the moisture in the air and won’t need watering. Alternatively, if you do water, a seedling only needs a couple of ml of water every day or 2.

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Pick up the cup and see how heavy it is. Press down lightly on the soil, does water run out the bottom from light compression? If your cup feels light, and your not oozing water then your prolly safe to water. Most of your water loss is coming from evaporation so if you really want to know what your soil is like… just fill another cup with soil and water it at the same rate your watering byour seedlings… and if you aren’t sure if you should water you can check the entirety of your extra cup

You’re a genius. Doing that now. The cup honestly feels empty it’s getting so dry. I’m turning my fan down some and pulling the light up to about 24 inches from top of cups.

Thank you! I’m going to install domes.

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