Watering question: hand wand + submersible pump?

I want to make watering easy once the plants get larger without making a mess. I’m thinking to drop a bin into my bathtub to mix nutrients in and then I’d like to run a hose from that reservoir to my tent in a bedroom.

Can I use something like this? I’ve never owned a fish tank… if the pump is running can the water flow be controlled by the valve on the wand?

hand sprayer wand + submersible pump?

I’ve used a pump like that.
They’re not great at pushing water great distances. If your hose run is longer than 20’ it may be an issue.

OK, thanks. My house isn’t even 20feet deep, so we’re good :slight_smile:

Do you know if the hand sprayer can control the flow while the pump is running?

or if there’s another solution to recommend, I’m game. just trying to find something that will get water from open reservoir/bucket to the plants. not picky.

This has worked well for me. I mix up the water and pump it in nice, even and slow. It’s just a tiny pump with flex tube running to T’s in which I just made a circle and plugged off one end. Drilled holes in the circles and boom we feeding. Like I say it’s a nice steady even feed. I also put shut offs going to each plant so I have total control over the feed. Plus if I have to be away I can set it all up on a timer as well.

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nice! what pump are you using?

Looks like he’s using this one

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ok, next possibly dumb question. how do you know how long to set the timer? just a trial run into a bucket and clock how much time it takes? this scares me… it’s running into my bedroom. eventually i’ll have a dedicated room but again… this was so not planned. and can you set the timer for a specific day interval if you don’t plan to water every day? planning ahead to visit the family.

Yes pending on your timer of course. Also just do a couple trial runs to see how long it needs to run for.

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cool. only timer i’ve ever had was for a sprinkler but you’d set the time and it would go off every day.

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