Watering question from the new guy


What is the best time of day to water plants… morning, midday, evening. Plants are 2" tall second set of true leaves are coming out now. I have always grown outdoors in the past and watered when I could get the time.


I don’t believe there’s a ‘best’ time, water when they need it


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Guess we will find out in 6 days… :grin:


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The best time to water is the morning when the lights come on, so the plants can use it.

However, when it’s real hot and if the plants are having trouble staying moist then you want to water at night just before the lights go off. This gives them a nice long time to soak up the water before it evaporates when the lights come on. :sunglasses:


@raustin is right also in the morning time is the best time to water, that’s when the plants stomatas are opening which means they will take on full advantage of the water, during mid-day it’s the hottest part of the day so the stomatas start closing, which then means it stops taking water and holds what water it has and uses it in the increments it needs.

When it’s hot that than comes down to evaporation pressure. The hotter it is the higher the evaporation pressure is, which means they will drink more water and uptake more nutrients as well as carbon dioxide. When it’s cooler the evaporation pressure is lower which means they will drink less and take nutrients in at a slower rate as well as take up carbon dioxide at a slower rate.

However I do disagree with @raustin about watering right before night, if watering, water atleast 5 hours prior to lights shutting off. This is because plants are more prone to getting diseases or fungus’s around the root system, also makes them more prone to getting powdery mildew. At all costs avoid watering right before night fall.

In flower is the most crucial time to avoid watering before the lights shut off because the plants are more suceptable to getting powdery mildew, always water when the lights come on or in midday never before night fall :wink:, duely noted stomatas are at their fullest potential and most use in the morning when lights come on

Hope this helps explain a little better as well as clarifies the watering information :smile:

Happy growings


Thanks for the information @Majiktoker. I’ll make sure to remember this in the future. Very informative. :+1:


Or… if your plants are in a tent under 24-hour light I would suggest watering when they need it


They are on a 16/8 schedule. Lights go out when my lights go out… lol


Hay Captain! That was fast, I guess you don’t sleep much either LOL :v:

Well we can talk about 16/8 vs. 24/7 if you want to post a thread LOL (what a can of worms that’s going to be!) :smiley:

At first I thought that said 18/6 because I’m doing this at night on a tiny screen with crummy glasses lol …I’m not sure about 16/8 and the effect on your plants, maybe that would be a good thread to start???


It’s the result of working an early morning schedule for over 15 years. Early to bed and all that…


Is there a reason you don’t just leave them on 24/7 or even put them on a timer for 18/6?

I’m guessing they’re in a tent which you could close ? …or maybe I don’t understand maybe it’s a circumstance thing ?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across that light schedule this is going to be interesting


They are on 24/7 days and 16/8 is the hours instead on 24/24. Sorry for the confusion…


They are on 24/7 days and 16/8 is the hours instead on 24/24. Sorry for the confusion

Oh I wasn’t confused, interested definitely but now I am confused! … I don’t know what you just said above lol it’s late maybe it’s me


Lights go off at 8:00 pm and back on at 2:00 am.


Got ya! LOL …boy for a minute there ?! :upside_down:


Hahaha I hear that I’m up at 230am every day for work and I makes my wife crazy because on weekends I sleep in to 4am lmao


If I get up at 4 am I’ve over slept…lol