Watering problem

Can you tell how much moisture should your soil be. I know not too wet or dry but what is the Happy medium. RDG1951

Dig your finger in about an inch, see if the soil is actually dry. Or, get a 4-1 meter. I wait for my meter to say dry before I water again.

Okay thanks Matt

Here’s two that’s good for soil moisture




Hey @MacGyverStoner @latewood what’s happening with the robot check thing

Thanks Niala. I’ll check into it.

@Niala just change it from HTTPS to HTTP and it will work

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@bob31 I try http:// and it doesn’t work…@garrigan62 did it by put the suffix out of the main link writing … Hey Will, if the suffix is gone is that mean that the site will not have his part ? Just asking :innocent:

Thats a good question.
I figured it out and have been going through the forum looking for that ROBOT CHECK if you see any that i missed please send me the link so i can fix it ok.
mean while i’ll check on what you asked


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Buy away…all is good. Like i aked if any of you find the ROBOT CHECK please let me know


will Uploading…

I have tag you for 2 other :wink::innocent: @garrigan62


All clear everything works fine. you see any more please let me know

and Thank you for you help I take my off to you



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You’re welcome Will always a pleasure to help :wink: :innocent: :v:

ok @Niala @garrigan62

Random amazon link with the https

second link changed to http

funny, now they both worked… lol. My guess then it is a site host issue that has been resolved (ILGM site host)

I guess the best to say is that if you see one that says robot check, try changing it from https to http and see if that fixes it.

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Lol :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: :v: you’re right it’s seem a random problem that’s seem to be recurent (it happen a couple of time since december), but hey ! It’s working again lol :sweat_smile: :wink::v::innocent: @bob31

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