Watering practices


After two years and four successful indoor coco grows , air pots, … My routine is… Feed, feed , water. I use GH flora trio and I understand that by using pure water , you are flushing excess salt and unused nutrients.
After I feed , I’ll wait a day or two and let the air pot lighten up a bit… I’ll feed again and let the same thing happen… Then I water… It takes my PPM down quite a bit. So… My question is… Should I replace the nutrients right away or go ahead and let the pot lighten up ?


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Your still over-watering… :wink:
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Water and feed less… see what happens… :wink:
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Im with @peachfuzz try letting pot dry a few days in between water or feedings depending on stage of growth it can be 2-3 days in between
In flower the will dey out faster tho i water feed water feed myself giving the time needed in between to dry
I dont do anything teally in my grow room by a schedule i visually inspect and trend to each plant in my grow based on their needs
Even plants of the same strain may not need the same exact attention @Steveo
Happy growing :v:️CB


It kinda depends on pot size and plant size. But the calculus is different with soilless media so really if they aren’t babies you will be watering to runoff daily. Coco simply doesn’t hold much liquid. A 5 gallon fabric pot from dead dry probably only retains a quart or two.

So I’m not sure you are over watering. The plants will certainly tell you.


For me…I pick up every pot to insure it’s light weight before I water. I water everyday. I depends on the size of your plant and pots. I only give them just enough to stay wet so every evening or morning, your choice, they always get a drink. I water feed water feed. My plants are in 5 gallon pots and the are about 3 feet tall and bushy. They only need about a cup to a cup in a half of water each time. Also…a little trick… allowing them to dry out like this they produce more crystal. Obviously u have to be careful to not let them dry completely and die. Takes practice but believe me…it is well worth it. This way too…everything you feed your plant is fully absorbed Everytime.


I use 5 gallon air pots. 40/60 perlite, coco. In my experience, it’s almost impossible to over water. But I do let my pots lighten up before the next water/feed. My question is… After I do plain water, do I still let the pot lighten up? You know… Sit there for two days with allot less nutrient ?


If it is taking two days to dry out u are using to much period and u might run into root rot. Believe me…let them dry out. U will be amazed at how dry they can get before the leaves actually start showing it. I know it might be hard to just leave it and not water. But I think you really should. Get it back to dry and start over. Water with only 1 cup and see how long it takes to dry out. Even if the pot is still light after u water…that’s ok. U don’t want them to weigh a ton…this of course is all my opinion, but…it has worked amazing for me. I hope it helps. Water can be stressfull. I was over watering these girls at the beginning myself. My last crop…plants were twice as tall…same pots but they needed about 2 1/2 to 3 cups every water or feeding. These guys are half that. So I had to let them all sit for about two days…maybe three to dry out. Now. They are perfect and doing amazing!

U can go check out my grow if u want. I have pics from the beginning of 12/12 until right now…


Valuable information . It will be used.Thank you.


@Steveo how are things going??


The lights really don’t do them any justice but the girls are coming along beautifully . Super Skunk and White Widow.


Awesome! Looks good :wink: How’s the watering issue coming? It takes awhile for the leaves to come back…any that have spots just remove them. Also…It helps to mist the girls with B1… It will help the leaves go back to green faster and the plants love it :slight_smile: I do it every other night. Just before I turn off the lights :slight_smile:


You should let your pots dry out between every water and feeding…which if u get it under control u can water or feed everyday :slight_smile: And also feed feed water…two feeds could be too much for your girls…I water, feed, water, feed :slight_smile: With that being said those buds looks amazing!!


Question whats b1


I was having to water everyday or the plants would wilt, but I wasn’t watering to run off. I put my plants up on a little platform so they could drain and not sit in water. I then started watering to runoff. After a couple of weeks, I’m now watering every two to two and a half days and the plants aren’t wilting. Just some food for thought…


@Deewsmoke B1 is a vitamin. U can put in your water and use as foliage spray. Makes for nice strong healthy roots and leaves. I water with it everyday and spray every other day :wink:


Advanced Nutrients and General Hydroponics has some form of it .


I use 3 gal felt pots with HF…
I feed 1 day, water the next, then wait generally 3 days and repeat…
My light-on is 78f(veg) 75f(flw) 60℅rh 45℅rh
light-off is 72f(veg) 68f(FLW) 55℅ 40℅rh
I let the pot get dry but not wilting the girls…
Hope this helps…
Just shows, different folks-different strokes… :+1::sunglasses:


Does it tamper with ph at all iv been having ph problems.


No…it does not :slight_smile:


Does it make any difference if you feed right after lights on or right before lights off? Thanks @peachfuzz!