Watering plants

A question from a fellow grower:

I am struggling to figure out a way of watering them, I am growing outdoors far away fro
Where I live and there is no source of electricity. Since I cannot go there every day, is there a way to keep them wet outdoors, I would like to know your input on that as well as how long they can go without water before they must be watered. Thank you

You can water once a week without worrying, any longer it will be pushing it a way to keep them wet, if you have a stream near by set up a irrigation that runs underground to the plants

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I got just the thing for you. This I perfect your going to say…Hell ya ! Lol
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When you do go you’ll need some more water for your plants and Drip Station but once it can keep wet you’ll then be ll set up
Oh and one other thing. Your setup must be setting up high. Mine I 4 1/2 to 5 feet off the ground. Its gravity feed using one 9 v battery. Its perfect fort

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Again brother we are right in the same General direction, I use near by streams with pvc pipes, it’s fed by gravity with moss as a filtration system and gets about a gallon of water to each plant than stops, then when the ground dries up, it works by I guess you could say like a sponge, it sucks water down the pvc pipes to the plants when they get full it stops sending water due to a timer, they get about 10 minutes of steady water from a stream with a light trickle, drip systems work well outdoors as well like you mentioned my friend

Wow, great idea.