Watering Oxy pots

I fell like this is my first grow. It is as far as autos and led lights. I’m in 3.5 gallon OXY pots. Plants are 14 days old. Now my question is how do I determine how much water to give them and how often? Thanks in advance.


Here’s some auto pot guys.

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Also some pictures may help :+1:

What’s your medium? Soil, coco? Straight hydro?

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Well autopots are watered all day every day so for starters what medium are you using.
Pictures in regulate flash please so we can see how big your plant is.
With autopots you have to start top watering at first until your roots hit bottom pot and then you turn in your autopots valve.
Pictures please


Yep I’m with the guys above. Pics help alot but watering practice have alot to do with type of medium u use. If coco it’s daily and several times a day u really cannot overwater in coco these guys got u covered tho. Good luck

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They are not Auto pots I said Oxypot.

Look at your title…

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Sorry I messed up.

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Thanks for no help. I thought this was a caring site. The moderator can correct me he did I guess being a moderator means you don’t have to help. Guess I’ll put in for that job. Good Day!!

He probably just needed a nap haha!

With size of your plant i would probably just water a ring around your plant halfway between plant and sides of pot. Maybe 2ish cups worth right now. You’ll obviously have to increase that as she gets her legs and starts growing.

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Lol. Yup needed a nap. Had to go home from work yesterday, though I had COVID-19. Still no excuse. I truly apologize for my impatience. Maybe I could be dick of the month. And no COVID-19, yay.

Sorry thanks so much, dbrn32. Much appreciated. I’m just nervous as I never grew autos and never started in a large pot. Or used LEDs.

So let me get this straight: I amended your title to reflect what you are growing in so that good advice can be delivered to you. Did you instead wish to confuse other growers and continuously correct them? As I have no experience with Oxy pots it’s up to others to dispense advice.


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I seen you fixed title, I figured he/she meant answering the questions.

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I believe those are called airpots.

I can’t really say exactly how much water you should give. But you can start giving them water from a watering can, just slowly pour around plants in a complete circle. You don’t want to completely saturate soil. Just give them enough to moisten soil all the way around. Then wait a couple days and stick finger into soil, if it is starting to dry out, water again.