Watering newly Transplanted

1-I watered my seedlings in their solo cups the day prior to transplanting. Visible runoff.
2-Transplanted into a 3 gallon plastic container.
3-Put fox farms soil in two days prior, lightly watered prior to transplant
4-Moved seedlings and watered one cup into each container.
5-Next morning did d the fingertest. Soil did not seem wet at all.
6-That evening watered until there was a visible runoff, cleaned up excess

So I finally saw a runoff. Should I wait for 1 1/]2 to 2 days before watering? Not totally clear on best watering schedule. I know to water when lights go on.

PH tester and ph up / ph down arrives tomorrow. Will have tested and incorporate for next watering. Go forward, know less water is better than too much. Water in morning when lights go on. Then thoroughly water until see excess?

After watering until runoff a 3 gallon pot with plants in early veg you can go at least 3-4 days before watering again.