Watering methods

Hi everyone
I have a doubt!
Usually i water my plants taking’em out of the tent 5-10 min before lights turn on.
This because i water till some water run off the pot, then put the plant again in the tent dry.
I’m afraid that this could be a little stressful for them.
Could it be???

Put them in saucers so you don’t have to move them, the saucer will catch the runoff and eventually you can get use to bottom watering for root stimulation

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I already use saucers
I prefer watering from the top tho, cause i add some pebbles on the bottom of the pot, so would be difficult for the soil to get in contact with the water.
Maybe I should use some aspiration machine for the runoff?

Got ya… so, I guess I don’t really understand why you take them out of the tent to water them?

Is it…the time of day you do it?..the fact that you move them?..the way you water them?

that is worrying you?

I take em out cause i let the water run off and then put the again in the tent.
I have something like a Sog situation in the tent, so would be a mess for me to clean up all of the water from each saucer.

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Gotcha… I’m not really a soil grower but when I did use it I tried not to water too heavy and I usually left the runoff right in the saucer, and when the plant is established I will mostly bottom feed to promote root growth
-good luck

shop vac works quite well if you can get it around them but honestly I like to shuffle my plants daily so nothing wrong with what you are doing so long as you aren’t super rough with them or screwing up light schedule too much

Light schedules are important, the dark cycle normally shouldn’t be interrupted, especially during flower.

5-10 minutes extra light probably won’t hurt anything, but there is nothing wrong with waiting until the light actually does come on at its regular time and doing the watering during the first 5-10 minutes of the normal light cycle.


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This question might fit in right here. Lately I have been wondering if there would be any benefit to putting my plant out in our screen room when the sun s overhead and straight on th eplant. I am just getting ready to put my plant into flower.

This is how I water my plants now. They fet 4 ozs on one cycle then another d4 ozs on the 2nd cycle.