Watering marijuana with energy drink?


A question from a fellow grower:

When watering ur plants… Using a energy drink… Wil it cause any problems?? Just wondering, as it gives us energy, it has vitamins in aswell… So… Mayb u have an answer on that??


1st off; the acid in the drink will drastically drop your PH level, causing a nutrient imbalance. Need I say more?

Although it might appear that an energy drink contains some of the same nutrients, minerals, or whatever; I would not recommend wasting good genetics trying this idea!


Not a good idea at all. Plants can not use sugar at their roots directly at all. In a good organic soil, the microbes may be able to turn it into something useful for the plants, but in general it has a lot the plant can’t use and would do more harm than good, especially if carbonated or otherwise very acidic as most flavored beverages tend to be.