Watering & lighting while out of town

Hi All

I’ll be going out of town for 5 days when my plants are approx 6 weeks old ( Grand Canyon, woo hoo!)
Are these watering stakes recommended?


Also (newbie question) - I’m growing WW autoflowers, should my plants switch to flowering while I’m away, will a short period at 18/6 hrs light/dark cycle be OK?

Thanks for your advice!

Autoflower do not depend on the light cycle to change to flower. They do it automatically, you could keep them on a cycle of 18/6 I believe the whole time.
As for the watering, I’m not sure. I usually have a very good personal friend come and water mine or.
my dad. I leave specific instructions and usually set out the stuff to feed if necessary or just time.it to where they just have to water with plain water. I hope this helps

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I have never used them. But if you do , post back to us on how they worked out.
You asked ’ while I’m away, will a short period at 18/6 hrs light/dark cycle be OK? "
Answer: Yes you plants will be just fine. They will still grow and flower no matter what light cycle there under



Show him your nifty watering system that you have… I believe that’s what’s he’s looking for… :wink:

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Oh ok then. Here ya go



that is a slick unit. I was just fretting about going out of town for a few days to a week myself. Problem solved!

Hey @bob31

I would have been lost without mine.
I to leave out of town and this DRIP WATERING SYSTEM saved me
more than once.
I thinking of getting a 2nd one for feeding my girl’s while i’m gone


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put mine in my cart through the ILGM link! Need to wait a couple of weeks for some $$ But definitely on the MUST HAVE List!


It’s really a good choice. i am buying another one for feeding.
to keep the solution from getting stagnet i’ll place an air pump inside to keep the solution on the move.


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