Watering issues/solutions

Heres my solution to watering without spilling or spraying foilage.Mixing nutes in regular water jugs shake around and slide on pvc adapter to both parts leave on a cart and roll around press power and boom 1 liter per cycle and auto off.I did add 3 feet of stainless tube I had laying around and use that and a piece of silicone hose 15 feet lond.The pump itself is on amazon for less than 10 bucks.Just wanted to share my .02 Happy growing and thanks for all the help the community has helped me too.


The ideas on this site are great. Always something new

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And people say stoners have no ambition, great idea :bulb:


I use the same device to fill 1 gal jug with nutrients. Then add to system

No spill no stress to plant.