Watering issue..?

Question from a fellow grower:

The bottom of my plants are dried out. What should I do? The top still looks good.!
I haven’t flushed and I am using the same soil as last grow. I have spent less time this grow taking care of them, using a timer for lights.
I have some bud so what ever happens I got some bud.
I have been using little of food and ph balancing the water. But I don’t know what the ph balance of the soil is.
I might have changed the lighting a little late and I haven’t cleaned up the dry leaves.

Re posting your picture as it wasn’t loaded to see in post…

Wow what is going on with the plants? Have you checked for bugs top and bottom of leaves and stems etc with a magnifying device?

One plant had mushroom…

How do mushrooms effect the plants? You think that was it?