Watering issue?


Hey guys I’m a newbie grower and have been following alot of peoples grows for as much info as possible. But this has me confused. My 3 week old bag seed seedling had drooping leaves on the second teir and the first teir the leaves are slightly pointing up. I feel like it could be under watering but thats why I’m here. I’m a minimalist at the moment as im trying this grow out purely for educational purposes so I can eventually do a more serious grow.

Medium: Dirt from the garden
Temperature: 18C to 26C Australian winter outdoors
Water: PH never tested. Lightly spraying tap water from hose


Looks thirsty have u got it outdoors? @Kirby


Agree she looks bone dry


Cloth pots like that require more frequent watering. Be sure to fully soak the soil when you water it. A daily light misting isn’t enough. Otherwise she looks healthy.

If you plan to continue to grow marijuana buy yourself a decent pH meter. They’re not terribly expensive and knowing the pH of your water is essential. :+1:


What size container is that? You will want to think about transplanting before the girl gets rootbound. I can’t tell if that’s a grow bag or plastic container, if it’s the latter, you will want to make sure it drains properly. I learned that leasson the hard way, one plant died and other 4 were severely stunted, only got to about 10" tall.


@N00BIE good call. I just thought it was a cloth pot, but you’re right it may be a plastic container.

Clear plastic is not something you want to plant in.


So the bottom water leves are supposed to fall off(round leaves at bottom). But yes looks like it could use more water like the others have mentioned. My suggestion is when you transplant into ground or another pot try filling it up with more dirt so part of the plant is not hidden inside the pot. Other then that looks ok to me, can definitely be saved. Happy growing


Looks like a salt buildup on a cloth pot looks like my old fox farm soil pots


Dun see no drain holes in your cut up plastic “pot”. Water NOT draining. Is drowning roots.

1—plant in a 5 gallon bucket…with 5 triangular drain holes at the bottom
2—use fluffy planting media from grow store. full of microbes and worm poop.
3—BUY A PH METER…and read how to use it here.

site has a free grow book for free here on this site. read…learn…take care of the Ladies and they will make you proud. BTW…plant 3 times as many seeds as you want plants. 30 to 70% will be male. of the rest…only 30% will be healthy Ladies. That’s how it is with bag weed. The seed store stock IS more dependable and consistent. That’s why they charge so much.
If you order seeds…get a T shirt or some other big thing in which the seeds can be hidden.


Looks to me like your soil is hydrophobic, ie will not absorb water. You can remedy this by watering with a small amount of a soil wetting agent like wettasoil from amgrow, or add a couple of drops of unscented dishwashing liquid, this will help to break the surface tension of the hydrophobic soil and help your water to penetrate deeper into the soil. Your outdoor soil will have limited nutrients available so if possible I would recommend a transplant asap into a much better quality soil with some perlite for added drainage. Tap water ph in australia can swing from low 6s to high 8s so rainwater would be best to use until you can get on top of your ph. A larger size fabric pot will also help you out. Good luck with the grow.


Thanks everyone for all your replies, I did find that water was draining too quick which would mean that it wasn’t receiving enough water. For anyone who is wondering why I’m using a cut plastic bottle is because that was really all i had at the time. I do have the plant sitting in the ground as well, just waiting a few more days before transplant to the ground permanently. Thanks all again for the help