Watering help need suggestions

Hey everyone having trouble watering plant evenly sides dry out and water just runs off the sides of my smart pots. I need help finding a way to spray water with a nozzle that sprays water more evenly and not as fast/much As a watering can I use a large reservoir to hold water and need a way to water from the reservoir.

Just curious what else is growing in those pots?

I use a small watering can and slowly pour water in.

I had a cover crop but I’m trying to remove it and it keeps growing back so i continuously cut it and let it compost.

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Once my plants are big enough to soak the pot, I water around the edges first (just a spout-type watering can), and watch for those leaks, then I just ‘massage’ the pot in that area to get it to soak in. after about half the watering (about a pint at a time in a 5gal for me) I feel around the pot for warm (dry) spots. You can actually feel where it’s dry. I then water on those sides and keep the pot pressed against the soil for a few seconds.

For good or bad, I squeeze the pot a little (tougher when the roots fill out) to kind of force the dirt upward and keep it from settling and packing. Not much, but it keeps it the soil kind of evenly disbursed.

I have each pot on a plant caddy with wheels to make this easier.

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If you start watering slowly and allow the soil to soak in a little water and rehydrate the soil it will start taking water with out loosing it all out the sides


You need a soil conditioner added to your watering. SM90 advertises it “ makes your water Wetter. This intrigued me so I looked into it. Add 5 cc/gallon when watering for a couple watering. It will give soil increased spring-back feeling and absorption.