Watering habits fir desert life

Hello all again. I have another watering question for those of you in Arizona, Vegas like me or any other low humidity high heat locations. I have been putting my plants outside during the day time hours to save on electrical bills. Of course any water outside will dry up quick.

My question is about how often a day to water. I am using the cloth grow bags so keep that in mind. So for example let’s say i give them each a gallon of water in the morning. By midday it’s dry as a bone. Do you give it more? If so how much.

Now let’s say I watered and by midday the top half of the bag is dry but the bottom is wet. Do I water?

I’m wondering this because since I started putting them outside their leaves droop like they do when they need water or they droop like they would if they had too much water.

I hope I am making sense and I hope someone sees where I’m coming from. Thanks guys.

Here are a couple of pictures of the leaves

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The fan leaves look droopy as hell but all the little sugar leaves are standing straight. Is that normal? Sometimes growing is so frustrating

Left out a part of the question. Let’s say you give it a gallon in the morning and it’s dry by noon, and you do not water again. When would be the next time you watered? The following day? A couple days?

Use to live in Az. How hot is it? Did you put them out side through out the grow? If you are there during the day, might move them out of direct sun during the hottest time of the day. Hope this helps.

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It gets as hot here as it does in Phoenix. So 5% humidity and 125 degrees at its peak.

Seems like it would be heat stress find a cooler place with varying amount of direct sun. After all it is just a plant like any other.

?? Not sure what you mean. Do you mean the leaves are dropping from heat stress? They seem to do well out there for the most part. I have a couple fans out there to blow on them. If it gets super hot I bring them in. Since I’m home all day I check them pretty frequently to make sure they are comfortable or what I think is comfortable to them lol.

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That sun is hot dam hot, the air is hot and very dry. I am still going to go with heat stress. Try AM sun around 11 AM find they some shade until the afternoon. Then get them the late day sun.
I remember being told ya but it is a dry heat, my reply was so is my oven want to climb in?

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I’ve grown a lot of pot outside here in the desert, some strains will stress because of the hot dry air but pot plants love the sun. It sounds like they’re in small pots for them to need water that often, you might want to put the pots inside a little larger pots this shades them keeping the soil cooler you can always just wrap the pots with with something else like a moving blanket, onion sacks or similar. Your plants look pretty small but good, just a tip for future grows sativas grow best in our deserts