Watering frequency


Second time growing outdoor non auto-flower. Planted first week of April in Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil in 15g fabric pot. She seems to be doing well but will get vary saggy if I don’t water everyday. It has been very hot lately (low 90s) and seen drooping in the afternoon after a morning water. The soil seems to dry out very fast and when its saggy, giving water always perks her up.

Giving Fox Farms nutes 2x a week per the recommended feeding schedule. Currently just the two bloom concentrates and its just starting to flower.

I just want to make sure I’m not missing something or doing something wrong - I had this problem with one of my plants last year and lost it right at the end.

Thanks in advance for a newbie to this dope community!


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Looks like your moisture meter is set on ph not moisture.


I’m totally new to this, but used to growing vegetables, how is your soil and do you have a enough in your pots, seem low in pics. My girls are nowhere near as nice and as big as yours, I try to keep those cloth pots topped off


Bobbydigital - Yeah, I actually did that on purpose in case the pH looks funny to anyone. When its on moisture mode it reads wet when I water but by the afternoon its always in the red. I have no experience with these meters so I don’t know how accurate it is - seems kind of cheap to my amateur eyes.

Drfting1 - That’s a good call, the soil seems much depleted of its rich dark color, topping it off couldn’t hurt.


The ph is useless. You can break that probe off so you’re not poking two holes in your soil each time. The moisture probe works ok. But it’s better to remove it and clean it after checking rather than keeping it in the soil. Just use it to check periodically.


I water 2 gallons a day per 15gal potted plant, more often than not in the early AM.

In FFOF soil as well, feeding FF nutes. Temps are in the 90s daily, with sometimes high RH. Non autos.

Hi @BobbyDigital
Thanks for that answer. I use one of those probes just to check for soil moisture at different levels in the soil.
Two questions:

  1. Which of the probes to break off to just measure moisture?
  2. Does poking holes in your soil damage your roots? (I try measuring closer to outer diameter to avoid roots)

Thanks :slight_smile:

For mine it was the right side probe. You can check by sticking one probe in at a time. The one that doesn’t react to moisture is the ph probe and can go.

Thanks, will check it out.

The copper one is the moisture probe