Watering every day in coco?

I hear because coco is hydro and not soil you should water every day so Oxygen Wil be fresh in the soil just want to hear what the pros on here think.

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first get an idea of dry weight…thenwater until runnoft,then pick up your pot and get an idea of it’s weight while saturated.
then pick up pot every day or so until as light as when you started
hope that helps @Nell1
i run a feed, water ,water rotation

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@BIGE have you ever dealt with cyco nutrients??

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no i have not…i use advanced coco sensi line

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Good results??? I like cyco but the entire time I been using it wrong so now I’m going to see what it’s really about used it in soil 1/4 strength the entire time got good results but right at 7th week of flower got yellowing and all types of b.s so I just cut it down smh 2 weeks early

Most that use coco feed every other day @Nell1 It’s not hydro and most coco will pH to more like 6.2 pH

I’ve only used cyco supa sticky in place of chaching with my fox farm nutes. I liked it and noticed some great trichomes. My buddy at the grow shop uses cyco and he loves it but that’s all I have experience with. Good luck!

I use coco.

To be clear, it’s a medium, not soil and is treated LIKE hydro.

I use GH Flora series with spectacular results.


So how are you watering my friend and I’ve been thinking of mixing nutrients but kind of scared

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My big girls get fed or watered daily. The schedule changes over time but I feed at the minimum tds values and they love it.

The smaller plants might go a couple of days between waterings.

Any nutrients should be done following a published schedule. 800-900 ppm in veg and up to mid flower then ramp up to around 1,300 ppm for late flower. Always water to runoff and whenever there’s a nutrient change perform a flush. If your water is under 250 ppm cal mag is probably necessary.

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I’ve read that you should never feed one day, water the next with coco. You can skip days altogether if the pot is still heavy, but don’t give it just pHed water. With soil, it retains some nutrients in the medium even when you used just water. In coco, you are washing all the nutrients out if you use water. That’s why the manufacturers feeding schedules include just a few flushes. People who use nutes and then water every other day are flushing all the time.

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Well I’ll test that Theory on the strongest 1 just bought some SSH can’t wait to start them ether

I have read the same thing never plain phed water i have feed with every water up until now as my run offs ec/ppm has risen quite a bit wich has made me start to give water in between feeds maybe see how feed, feed, water gos to start with hopefully that will stop ec/ppm riseing.
My other drama is with fungus gnats I would like to water my coco every day but can’t do so without gnats showing up and pissing me off haha at the moment I’m watering every other day and still having problems with them can some one tell me how people water multi times a day and have no problem???

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The EC rising is a sign that the coco is ready for a flush. When the TDS drops below what you are putting in normally then resume. Feed/water/feed/water is ideal and the reason you don’t allow coco to dry out is when dry it resists moisture. Cal mag on water days to keep the TDS reasonable. I never feed above about 800 ppm (1.3 EC) if at all possible.

Hey thanks i didn’t see how old this thread was I didn’t think I was going to get a reply haha but yer that’s basically what I have done gave water for all most a week 5 or 6 days I think it was untill my ec droped back into range now just trying to figer out how not to have it happen again untill you just pointed me in the right direction thanks again my friend!!!

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It’s a good idea to monitor the runoff in coco as you’ve been doing; for just that very reason. A flushing agent like Sledgehammer or Florakleen will reduce water demand too and does a very fine job of removing salts from media. I prefer R/O over tap as well for all watering.

Coco is a great media although I like Promix better, but that’s just me. I’m currently in coco with just one plant to keep me current (we’re building a house out of state so grow operation is shut down) and it’s a happy camper:

Red Dragon photo

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Verry nice well done

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It’s just a little guy: I’ll get maybe 4 zips from it but I have something to futz with lol. Here’s my wheelhouse: Promix in a SCROG:

That was a 14 oz plant

Wow my last bushy I got about 4 oz haha not like that girl

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I think all that EC measurement and flushing stuff is unnecessary with pure coco coir. The whole reason for using it is that it retains no nutrients. It’s like using little plastic beads. It just holds your hydroponic solution better. If you feed it so 1/4 of your feed amount comes out the bottom (and you throw it away) then the nutrients in the coco are exactly the nutrients you just put in. If anything was (somehow) building up in the coco, it would be washed out every day. A big part of the reason I use pure coco is to get a good flush at the end. Use pHed water once to excess and the coco is cleared of nutrients.

If you did have any soil in your pots, then it gets a lot more complicated because soil does hold nutrients. Then you do need to do all that stuff with EC and flushing.