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Hey guys few more questions on my W.W. coco grow. It’s my first coco grow. Watering I’m told to do it everyday till run off. I have also heard let it dry out a lil bit. I’ve been watering every 24 hours. These are what the look like 5 days in to watering with nutrients everyday. The coco is moist but not wet like soils would be a day later. People also say there is no way to ever water coco as in u could water every hour and they still won’t dround. Looking for a second opinion. Or the right way.

that one has been topped 2 days ago this is the only any that has this didn’t tip. I’m using advance nutrients coco connoisseur. It also was off the past two nights I mixed the nutrients and it was now 6.39 so I ph down. But I have had it for 2.5 months. What’s should I do please help. Thank you

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Do u have something good In mind where could read this info please

Search watering coco on this page, magnifying glass up top.

I personally believe it depends on what nutes you’re using organics you don’t want to water to runoff (that doesn’t get reabsorbed) to keep the microbe density high in which I start at 4 days then 3 then 2 by flowertime but I agree it’s almost impossible to “drown” your plants since coco is so fluffy it allows air in even at full saturation but if you’re running hydro nutes I could understand wanting to keep the ppm at the max amount of availability while draining as much salt out as possible but quite frankly I think more then twice a day is a waste of nutes that aren’t being absorbed(heck really even once)

I’m using avanced nutrients perfect ph, coco connoisseur part A and part B

Coco should “NEVER” be allowed to dry out

So keep it wet all the way to the pot

And this ant has always had a dropping soft leif looks bit never these spot. It’s only on the one plant that gets the same as the others

@ChaseV89 I’m using Coco and same nutes and i water every second day, 1gl each (4gl fabric pot) Every time untill a small run off. And I’m using 1/4 strength on a and b and half on addings. Also i water like - nutes-water-nutes-water and so on. Works like a breeze :cowboy_hat_face: I burned the crab out of my girls when I started at full dose. let the top dry off once or twice a week Is good. Not completely dried out… the pot has to be “light” if you lift it. I never water when the top layer is wet. It just begging for gnats and other bad stuff so i let it dry out a little. Sorry my English :wink:

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Thank u guys for all the onsite on coco. TheDane420 I did a half flush to bring down my ppm and ph. Because I was giving nutes everyday my ppm was at almost 1200 on one. I got it down to 649 ppm. My ph was high this morning so I watered with 5.3 to being it down from 7.0 ph. The nutes I use are the perfect ph coco connoisseur by advanced nutrients. The ph everything at 6.0, bit if u feed at 6.0 and water at 6.0 won’t it always raise the ph of ur soil??? And what kind of growth or imbalance is this. I’ve been reading to the point my wife says it’s driving her crazy. All I got out of it is my ph in the medium is to high.

I’m using mother Earth Coco n perlite mix w Dr Earth as top soil. This is from my experience and for me is I water every other day or so when the pot is lighter but I fan spray every day just to keep the top Coco moist.
Knuckless 1/4 inch deep to check if ph/ nutes feeding time but there’s many methods of how others do their thing. I just chose this method cus it was recommended and we’ll my girls been happy with it.
I don’t water til it runs off each watering though. Hopefully someone w more experience can answer that. Hopefully this helps buddy. I’m new to the growing so I’m still learning. Cheers.

Sorry my late reply but did you flush the plant again ? And 5,3ph is maybe too much of a drop from 7ph and that might shocked the plants or maybe some lockout issues… How’s it looking like now?

I didn’t do the orthodox flush. I’m in 5 gallon pots soni didn’t run 10 gallon through it. I did three and got it down to 440 ppm and 6.4. how do u keep it ph in range for for coco. Is there some sort of equation. Like it’s at 6.8 so I’ll flush a 5 gallon pot with 10 gallons of water at 5.6ph. I fed all my plants the same and all have different ppm and ph levels in the soil

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Thanks man. 3 of the plants look good grew to a perfect size with a flat canopy maybe a lil Cal-Mag needed. But I can’t keep my ppm and ph in range. I switched my nutes so hopefully that will help. This brand I was using set the ph on its own to 6.0 but the coco ph was getting way to high. Ph of the medium is my biggest issue right now. Same with ppm.ill take some pics of the progress this week and see what y’all think I should do. Is it better to go straight coco or 70/30?


Advanced nutrients got that hp perfect and it should level out the ph on its own, but, as i use 1/4 strength the ph perfect technology dont work as good i always need to add some ph down to get it around 6.0 i use general hydro or T.A. my tap is around 7.0. i keep the ppm in my feed at 350 in veg and 600 in bloom and from week 4 to 6 i maybe up the pk so it like 700 or 800ppm. I never use more. Feed then water feed water feed and so on every watering and water about every second day or third. About the ppm and hp problem you have to keep the ppm in same level all the time just as the ph. Aim for 6.0 every time and the ppm around 300-400 in veg and 600-800 in bloom and your be okay.

Do you cal mag your water up to around 200ppm in your feeding? First the calmag and then the other nutes. I raise the ppm of my “starting” feeding to 200ppm with calmag every time I feed. Someone correct me but i read that you need that when growing in coco or soilless medium.

Just want to show you my grow, 4 weeks into flower. In 4gl Coco and 1/4 strength of advanced nutrients Connoisseur, big bud , bud candy, rhino skin and sensizym. I got mychroriza in too. And calmag of cures and i use Ionic calmag pro. I think it’s the best on the european market :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: wich is sad by the way, you got all the good stuff over there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey man I have one last question I’ve been meaning to ask. In my city we had a hard freeze and something happened to the water main and we have to boil our water but even after I boil it the ppm is around 600. Before I boil it’s at 850 ppm. I buy water for us to drink normally ozarks or bottled spring water so I’ve been buying a ton of water lately. Is it safe to water with that water from the tap? Or do I need to install a filtration system or R.O. water filtration system? I’m doing the 24 hr of darkness as week speak before flipping to flower. My girls looked like they needed some water before the lights went out today with the bottom leaves a little droopy. I made sure the coco was still damp through and on top. They time I want the lights to come on so I’m Available to work in the would be from 12 today till Sunday at 5 am on so I can have 5am to 5 pm. So do I need to keep buying water or buy a filtration system and it’s ok to pull them out of the pitch black dark to give a watering during this time?

Yes I use calmag plus when needed. I’m have switched to nuke heaeds nutes. From what I’ve seen and what I’ve read supplementing Cal-Mag is not nessisary when using nuke heads. I’m now concerned or rather tired of spending so much money on water. When I feed and supplement Cal-Mag in store bought spring water my ppm is around 290-300 ppm. But if I were to add that to my tap water and adjust the ph to 5.8-6.0 my ppm is over 1000. Any tips or suggestions are much appreciated.