Watering can which one?

Hi thoughts on watering can people use for plants indoors in grow tent and size. Thank you

I like this one:


I hadn’t even thought about one like that. Thank you.

I have this one.

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I have only grown autos so far so I don’t need to push a lot of water. I mix the nutes in 1 gallon water bottles and measure into the these. The little red one is great for when they are small or to get under a net. I have looked at the Tera Pump and may graduate to it on my next grow which will be regular photos in 5 gallon pots.

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For me, a garden sprayer is best. I only have a 2x4 tent, but it still gets hard to reach the back and water nice and slow and evenly which I like to do without the extension wand.

Thank you for your response. Appreciate all the help.

Omgosh I really didn’t think of that. Thank you

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There are cheaper models but I like this one cuz it plugs in . The others run on batteries

I use the pump sprayer AAA posted. But will be using the one watt-sun posted from now on, lol.