Watering Autoflowers!

So I’ve read a ton of stuff about watering and I won’t bother listing all of the things I have learned but I still have a few un-answered questions. I have an indoor grow in 5gal fabric pots using Foxfarm Ocean Forest PH Adjusted Potting Soil growing WW auto’s. First question is if the top 6" or so of the soil is mostly dry but the bottom 6" are still moist should you water enough to moisten the top 6" or wait for the bottom to dry out? I forgot the 2nd question! :smiley: Thank’s for the help!

Wait for the bottom to dry out, wet/dry cycles is what you want.


You never want the pot to dry out completely, for sure, but you don’t want it to stay super moist, either. The former causes your plant’s circulatory system to shut down & the latter suffocates your root system and promotes root rot. Most soil growers go with the “dry a few inches down” method or by picking up the pot and feeling its weight. Depending on how/what the plants are fed & the medium, they might need to be watered til there’s some run-off (use this to check your ec & pH).