Watering autoflowers

Is it ok to water with rainwater if I ph it?

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I use it when I can. We have not had much here in California

Thanks,I have a rain barrel set up and its pretty full.
I,ve been using distilled water but the,re ready to be fed.
I have to get the ph up. It,s only reading 4.5.

Sounds like acid rain.

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Why do you say that?

Because of the PH, it’s on the acid side of the PH scale.

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Thank you,I.m new. I hooked up this rain barrel because my water goes through a softener.
Can I use it if I bring the

Sorry,we had a power surge.My question is can I use the rain water if I bring the ph up?

I think that was answered. :smile:
As described above your rainwater is at PH 4.5 This is acidic.
Now you did not imply, but I am assuming you are going to grow in soil…

If so; You need PH between 6.5-7.0 This is your safe range. As long as you keep it consistent you can set your PH in that range.

Are you sure that you’re PH reading is correct? That is awfully low PH @ 4.5 Peace

Yes I am growing soil. I bought a PH tester and calibrated it with 6.86 and 4.0 powder.
I tested it after I put 1 tsp of fish emulsion in 1 gal. of water. I was using distilled water until they had 3 sets of leaves.

Yep rain is the best,it should be right p.h I don’t adjust mine atall.comes in just under 7

Same here I collect my rain water in storage containers and ph is spot on only have to adjust after mixing nutrients

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