Watering and temperature changes

I cant believe I am at the start of week 12 with the auto flower. It is still flowering and starting to extremely slowly flower on the bottom of the plant. The temperature where I am has changed dramatically. We were in the high 90’s with high humidity and the plant loved it. Now we’re in the low 70’s with moderate humidity. I noticed a lot of yellowing in the lower fan leaves which someone said is normal with the flowering stages but I think I was also over watering due to the unexpected change in temperature. Several fan leaves literally crumbled and died. I stopped watering the plant for several days to let it dry out. I watered it (mist) today and I don’t like the look of the plant. It looks as if it’s health has declined…it has gotten more pale in color and I am not sure what I should be doing now. I misted to keep from overwatering and I will fertilize tomorrow but I am wondering should I add an extra day of fertilizer? And when is this plant going to finish flowering and be done? 12 weeks and barely bushing out on the bottom? and this is an auto Flower? I am impatient so I get that.

Changes in temperature can bring about cosmetic changes, colors,…

You won’t have a problem at those temps.