Watering and Nutrient question? 1st time grow


Hey guys, these are my four blueberry autos that are just starting to bloom i believe. its week 6 since they sprouted and i just recently got fox farm nutrients to help with flowering. 3 days ago i gave them their first dose of the big bloom when i watered them and thats the first time they have had anything besides regular water and some coconut water. i am about to water them again but i dont know if i should give them straight water this feeding or should i give them more nutrients? i also have them fox farm tiger bloom that i have not used yet? what do you all think? thanks for the help?


Big bloom is safe to feed every time
Most start half dose or less tho until they see how plants handle it
Some like to eat some not so much but it’s safe you use every time if you want
Should watch your ppm of runoff to determine how much food they need
Sixth week you should be using tiger bloom also


Here’s fox farm schedule
Hope it helps


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