Watering and nutes?

I was wondering if someone could help me with this a couple of times when feeding with nuts my PPM’S will come out lower than going in soul pH is 6.8 PH Is 5.8 going in and 6.5 coming out and PPM is330 going in and a couple times have only been like 210 coming out just with not not watering what do you think is the issue? Maybe ppm meret messing up? The plants are thriving and no leave or bud issues​:thinking::tired_face::triumph:

Soil/media is absorbing the nutrients. The runoff is taking on the pH of the soil. This is normal. What type of soil/media are you in? You should be adjusting your nutes to pH 6.5 if soil or 5.8 in coco or peat.

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I’m using organic fox farm Happy frog and the pH in my soil has been consistent at 7 .0

Soil is pretty forgiving. Youre saying you tested soil its 7flat ? Do you ph the nutes going in? Like said above a little acidic is best.
6.2-6.3 is my sweet spot on ph in soil coco mix.
I use microbes to keep soil right n jist ph all water n feeds. Ppm is unneccessary you should not push full strength anyway unless you see a demand. I never use ppm meter when in soil and never have to check soil ph cause i keep microbes up

That’s normal, soil works as a filter trapping atoms with ionic cation/anion bonds, some bonds are strong while others are weak, P tends to “cling” while N and K are relatively loose and mobile. The same with pH, the soil tends to interact with acid, breaking some of these same “bonds” and neutralizing the acid in the process giving you a more alkali runoff. For this reason, one can mix H3P04 (phosphoric acid) with KOH (potassium hydroxide) (strong alkali) in the proper amounts balancing the pH to a range plants can use and feeding it directly to plants as a usable form of P and K that the plant can absorb, each by themselves will kill a plant in minutes, but mixed together will feed a plant. That’s why pH “range” is so important.

Yeah I do test him and they usually come out great I try to keep me between 5. 8 to 6. 2 I use the Happy frog organic soil it’s always been consistent it’s just the last couple times coming out testing the ppm’s they seem low the pH is good coming out but the plants still look good no burn no wilting getting a lot more pistols up and down all the stems just concerned

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Hey thank you I will check into that see if I continue to have a problem may have to get a new PPM meter this bugger was close to a hundred bucks I thought it was a good one it’s always been good but never know crap happens right?:tired_face:

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My Myron-L was over $300.00 new. The good thing is you can calibrate it with their calibrating solution to insure accuracy. You can get them used on Ebay for a fraction of the cost of new. I found keeping the electrodes clean goes a long way to maintaining accuracy and almost never needs calibration.I use chemical pH test because it’s more reliable and accurate than any electronic meter. If you’re off on PPM or pH everything shits the bed and leaves you wondering what’s wrong, it’s the two things you really need to know to maintain hydroponics, I can even spot a salt buildup by the quicker rate PPM’s increase and to know that you need a reliable meter.

Do you have (and use) reference/calibration solutions? You must calibrate them for them to be accurate. I check the calibration against the reference solutions between calibrations.

I know for the most part it’s dead on I do use the pH test stuff and I do flush pH meter and the PPM meter with distilled water might just have to get a soft brush and try to get off the calcium or shit Bremen I’m not sure thanks for the info

Yeah I got a couple more left I’ll have to check it when I get home tonight go to the store and get some more of those thanks bud

@Ford12 You may want to pick up some calibrating solution just to see if it’s off, and from there you can subtract or add the difference to get an accurate reading, even a broken clock is correct twice a day, just gotta know when to look at it!

You owe her right man that’s a funny one yeah like I said I have one packet of the four six left I can at least see if it’s pretty accurate there do you know of anything that will clean those electrodes just been rinsing them off good in distilled water what’s funny is I use ro water and I add calmag to it and when I freedom with that and do the runoff I’m going in at about 3:20 and coming out at about anywhere from 1160 to 12:40 so it’s working on that it’s just been the last couple times with the nutrients it’s been low so I’m not sure what the f is going on with that thank you again I will check all that stuff see where I’m at

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