Watering and LEDs

Growing 3 WWs in 2x4x5 grow tent under 2 300 wat led lights. Am finding that I have to wait about 10 days between watering so the soil can dry out a bit. Is this normal or is there a problem? Plants seem OK with it.

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Just to add, actually have 2 tents…one with 2 week old seedlings just transplanted into 1.25 gallon pots, other tent 2 weeks into flower in 3 gallon pots at 12/12 . Both using Pro Mix Premium Potting mix (no nutes) and flower power fertilizer.

get you some oscalating fans to help dry them out…
you want to go from wet to dry ASAP but paying attention not to dry them to the point of stress…lol
do you have fabric pots? put fan blowing on them
plastic,get fan to blow down on root ball.
overwatering produces many problems you may not see now but you will in the longterm… happy growing @shaman1


I would also like to add, that each person waters differently according to their area. I water every day, and I live by water. Some people water everyday and they live in a desert. If you’re watering the flowering plants, they usually need more water. As long as the plants aren’t telling you they need water, (droopy and wilty) then you’re doing fine. @shaman1

Thanks Covertgrower .Plants seem to be doing fine…just so long between watering. Will add a couple of oscillating fans…thanks for that BIGE


you are welcome @shaman1

I water my 4 week olds every 4 or so days. They don’t mind :blush:

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Just can’t understand why it takes so long for the soil to dry out between waterings. Could probably go 2 weeks between watering without drying out the plants. lol Temp in upper 70’s, humidity in mid 60’s . Have 6" exhaust fan at top outlet. Have added fan at bottom vent to move more air. Hopefully that will help.

I am with @BIGE and adding oscillating fans should help out. I am watering 5 gallon fabric bags every few days.

Well, will be watering today after 10 days to dry out and will see how the additon of the extra fans helps. Thanks to all

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@shaman1 You just want to keep close eye for mold

Will do. Looking pretty good so far, plants look healthy.

@shaman1 Listen to @BIGE and the others here. I have my plants in fabric pots and have a 12 inch fan blowing their way from the side. I dont have an oscilating one, but plan to get one soon. They are better for the plants than a set one. I water my plants on an alternating schedule. One watering every other day, then on ocasion will water the next day after watering. Usually because I will add some nutes.
with the exception of one, my ladies are doing really well. I can hardly wait until I start them into flowering. Really looking forward to it.

This is why they would be drinking slower, there humidity is at a normal level which means they are likely drinkingat the proper rate maybe a little slow

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Have fans on them now, along with the 6" exhaust. High humidity here as am only 100 yards from the Bay so that probably has a lot to do with it. Other than the long time between watering the plants seem to be doing well.


I have 8 plants in 1 gal pots, 3 150 watt leds, I water by weight , feeling each and water only when pot is light . 3 fans on low . Using mirical grow potting soil and bat shit when blooms are starting.

Trimming the plants to keep the air on the dirt and thru the buds.

Only problem is the buds get so heavy the plants have to be staked with bamboo

I adjust height of plants for best coverage j

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