Watering and feeding question

Hello everyone.
I’m on week 2 of flower now and my plants are showing quite a bit of deficiencies. I know what they are but i still am having a hard time fixing them. I’m using fox farms trio plus advanced nutrients cal-mag. And my temp and humidity are fine. Plenty of air flow. Now what i really want to know is the feeding instructions say to feed twice a week but every other watering. Well i only have to water every 5 days so should i just add more nutrients than my feeding chart says so make up for it? Say if i use 2 tsp pers gallon of big bloom, should i use 3 instead? I dont want to over do it. So any suggestions would help. Thank you!

Yes add more to it, and I’d start at 2.5 so it’s not much more if it still doesn’t fix add another half a tsp, so being it up to 3 tsp and if it still doesn’t fix, I’d come back and fill out a support ticket so we can help you :thumbsup:

Best of luck my friend, I’m here for ya if you need the help

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Wait a second: You’re on week two of flowering and only having to water essentially once a week?

Something is wrong. Either you’re watering WAY too much the one time you water, or you’re not watering anywhere near enough.

Some pics would be really helpful man.


I think he’s got a lock up problem going on in the soil. Think about it @Majiktoker, adding more nutrients won’t help if he’s already been using the nutrients and still can’t correct the deficiency. I use FF as well, and you shouldn’t ever need to add “extra” of one nutrient. Their feeding schedule is very accurate from what I’ve experienced. The right amount of nutrients is there, I just don’t the they’re being absorbed and transferred into the plant. I could be completely wrong though haha!

And @tacomac I agree, I think the soil is either holding too much water, or there’s a lock up of nutrients in the soil.
And when it says, give nutrients every other watering, or twice a week. Just go with every other watering

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Well @ktreez420, if he has a deficiency chances are either has not feeding enough, or like you mentioned has a lockout…

Yea you’re right, I guess I should have worded my reply better!

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I don’t believe its a lockout being a flushed not long ago and my runoff has been consistently at 6.3ph. I’ve been curious about my watering not often as well! I water with 1.5 gallon per plant. And even when the plants droop and need water, the soil is still a little damp and have no clue why?! So thats why i only water about every 5 days. I will post pics tomorrow. As im at work and lights are off when i get home. I also have a journal on here.

Low evaporation pressure, which means your plants will try more slowly and drink less water


Will more air flow fix this problem?

You need to water more frequently in lower amounts.

In effect, what you’re doing is drowning them by completely saturating the soil with nearly two gallons of water. They can’t possibly drink all of that. In fact, they probably half drown just about the time the soil starts to dry out to where they can actually draw from it. Then, of course, they get drowned again.

You need to water with just a quart or so of water two or three times per week. You’re going to complete swamp and simply drowning them.

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@ Emagdnim367 listen to Tacomac… And there is one more thing that seems to be missing HERE TYPE of lite and how many watts…If they lack lite they cant consume… if i use a 400watt plants use les h2o and eat less nutes than say the same plant under a 1000watt… ergo if out side what is the intencity of the sun in your area …iknew this over 20 years ago …i found the info on the instructions that came with peters professional fertilizer . it told you to mix either 1/4 teaspoon or all the way to 1tsp per gall h2o …you were to determine this by how much lite was used …WHAT A CONCEPT…and for the record its not MG looks like it …but they had 12 variations of it win MG had but one …i used orchid for growing and African violet for bloom …had to destoy picts , but i had colas on a strain i was working on that dri weight ave was 2 ozs bone drie… all lowers would average 1/4 to 1/2 oz … Hammer

I will start watering with a less amount. The thing is ive always read to water until there is runoff…well i dont get hardly any runnoff with one gallon per plant. So that why I’ve been using the 1.5 gallons…I’m using 5 gallon smart pots With an advanced p300 led light.

@Emagdnim367 That’s too much water in my opinion.

I used three gallons pots and 1 - 1.5 quart will give me a little bit running out of most full-grown plants

…the most I ever water is a half gallon when I want to get 20% runoff.

I water about every 3 days or twice a week (only when they’re dry)
-good luck


Do you think my soil is packed down too hard? When i do go to check the soil i cant push my finger into the soil because its so firm.

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Also it was said in my journal i was watering with that much multiple times and no one said anything so i figured i was doin fine lol. But i feel like my journal hasn’t gotten the attention as some of the others.

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If you can’t get a finger into it then I would say yes

I can easily get my finger all the way down and then some

I use Fox Farm ocean forest with a 20 - 25% perlite cut and it’s very light and airy

…maybe consider a new soil mix ?


…that’s unfortunate. I don’t believe I saw your journal and don’t recall seeing this thread til just now but if I can help you just ask !

You’re right about journals sometimes getting passed over. Probably the best way for questions to get answered would be to post them individually as they arise
-good luck

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Lol i actually use the same exact blend…i may have just pushed it down too much when i first started. Also i only have one 240 cfm exhaust fan with quite a large filter…and the only intake is whatever the exhaust is pulling through the vent on the tent. So maybe some more airflow now that they’re so big.

No. If you are talking about Big Bud by advanced nutrients. I used the regular dose on my plants that needed to be watered and the next morning all the leaves where totally drooping. I mean really bad. The only way this stuff works is at 1/4-1/2 the recommended dosage. I spent hours flushing the plants. I would highly recommend flushing your plants and then start over. Sometimes, symptoms of over fertilizing and under fertilizing look the same. Flush 5 gallon pots with 10 gallons of RO water.

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i live in the bay area about 15 miles from San Francisco. 2 blackjack and 3 OG kush. i have watering and temp concerns and some quick questions. they were just purchased last sunday and are already growing well with a little bit of stress showing. outdoor only.

  1. what is the best method for watering? basically, what method works for knowin when a plant is too dry or over watered? do drip systems work or is it better to water all at once? ive been told OG likes the PH around 6.7 but the BJ likes it a little hihger.
  2. temp, ive been told is ideal around 78-82F. it gets cold around the bay area; lately around 50 and up. thats a big jump. how will effect my plants.
  3. would the purchase of hot stones or even an outdoor patio propane heaters work? i was told that the heaters would give off CO2 which of course the plants love and keep them warm at the same time.

thank you all, pics to follow!