Watering and Feeding Plants

New to growing, Can I use just water on plants? I used organic soil with N.P.K. Already mixed in.

There are very few soils that will only require water from start to finish.

Even the ones that claim to be water only, usually need something at some point

Which soil are you using?


Hi. I am a newbie myself. I had some advice to grow in Happy Frog. The runoff from my first real watering (about week 3) was 1970 ppm. I completed the second watering today and the level was 1790. What I am being told is that the nutes will deplete over time and probably in about 2 weeks or so I will need to add nutrients. I plan to continue to water per the plan until I see the runoff EC reach a low level. Hope this helps.


@bunglesfan hit it right on the head. Grow your plants by what you see, they will tell you when they aren’t happy. (Over/underwater or over/under fed, Nute def. or toxicity) You can’t grow cannabis by any label or marketing ploy. As was stated above few soils will last you all the way to harvest with water only. Next to your own soil food web, nothing is a guarantee. Kind soil (and I’m sure there’s other “super hot” brands) claims you can go from seed to harvest with only ph water. And I’ve seen some grow journals on here that did just that. @OldTimeRockAndGrow just finished some beauties. and I believe they went longer than expected. And last I read…he said the kind soil was holding up to its word. But that was his situation…in his environment. Yours may not be the same. Every grow is different . I am very interested in the kind soil technique, that’s why I followed his grow journal closely. And thanks again @OldTimeRockAndGrow, I appreciate the informative updates…you made a great guinea pig. :joy: jk. After seeing his results…I’m really interested in the kind soil.:grin: But even if I was to try it…I wouldn’t take the manufacture word for it. You would still need to check runoff ppm and give your plants what they want versus what some label says. Hope that makes sense. But I’m by no means a “professional gardener”. Just my opinion on what I’ve seen. A lot of people on here have helped me…so I’ll do the same if I can. :+1:

Thanks for the kind words. So far I have harvested one of my first Kind Soil plants. The other three are currently on day 138. They are getting closer and so far I have given nothing but water. I ph the water to 6.7-6.8 for every watering. I keep an eye on VPD also and have been able to keep pretty much on track with that. So yes I do think environment is important and things do work different for everybody. I am brand new to growing and have learned a ton from all the smart and friendly people here. I would have probably killed them if it wasn’t for all the help here.