Watering and Feeding in Coco

Can you explain the charge with nutrients. I use bricks to add to my soil mix. I wash and soak in 7.5 ph tap water with 5 ml of calmag / gallon.
While experimenting with different brands of brick I find there is a wide range of characteristics. A national mass marketed brand of organic coir was so fine it took days for it dry when placed on a screen in the summer sun. I added this to my soil mix and did not like the results. Just too much water retention and dense for my liking.
I find that the bricks that say they are a mix of pith with long and short strands have water retention and aeration characteristics that I am looking for. thoughts? what do you use / recommend
I also see there are bricks of chips and fiber. I have not tried this product but wondering if it is an alternative to adding perlite if you are looking for a less dense form of coco. I would combine the above mix with chips and fiber.
On the other hand, if you are looking to retain more moisture and nutrients in coco, couldn’t you use vermiculite?

I recommend 5.8 it’s a soil less medium. Like hydro.

Fully hydrate and break down, with nutrients added.

I use canna coco bricks. But ready to use is okay too. It’s already buffered with calcium and ph’ed.

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Generally, within 2 hours of lights coming on. That should allow plant to use most of solution throughout energy production process and allow root zone to get a little more oxygen throughout lights out period. There are some exceptions to where you may feed before lights out, but that is typically when doing multiple feedings per day.


Whatever you do…learn from one person because this entire thread is way to conflicting. Everyone has their own ideology about what works best. Do your research, investigate their grow journals, and select one person to help mentor you or get you started. Once you understand the basics then blaze your own trail.


That is what I liked in this thread. Different opinions will give me hints on what could work with me.

At the end I will take my own path to make errors and learn from them.

The idea of the mentor is good. But honestly I prefer to push a plant, burn her and torture her just to have more feeling on what to do in future lol.

I know a lot of growing theories but I know nothing :v: