Watering and Feeding in Coco Coir

Hey people,

Hoping for a little bit of help understanding a grow in Coco Coir.

I have spent months preparing my first grow (research wise) and basing it on an Ebb and Flow system only to have at the last minute gone to Coco (due to stocks at my local Hydro store, a little sad :frowning: ).
I could spend forever trying to find the answer on the net, or just ask :slight_smile: !

Two questions:

On average what should my watering schedule be for a 14 Litre (nearly 4 gallon) pot and how many litres per plant?

What is the suggested PPM/EC for feeding over the Veg and Flower stages with Coco as a medium?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ll want to water to run off. Probably about a gallon.

The ppm will be different for the lifecycle your plant is in. I would refer to the nutrient lime you’re using, and check their schedule.


Ok perfect, I did see something saying 10%-30% of the water to run off.

Yeah I was just going to go about 1/4 - 1/2 of their recommendation, just a light feed and slowly build it up and just observe the plant’s behavior.

@Covertgrower thanks for that man, just wanted to double check I was on the right track so I can get them off to a good start.


Yes you’re definitely looking for 10-20% run off. This may differ, its not exact.

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Currently running about 1/2 gallon of solution through 3 gallon fabric pots and getting about 2 cups or so worth of runoff. In reality they are probably holding about 2.5 gallons worth of coco. I do have some vermiculite mixed in. Will probably take a little more as roots develop.

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@drbn32 Ok thanks that’s awesome much appreciated, I am using a very close size in container to yourself (a little larger, but just), I might start at the 1/2 a gallon and slowly move up to 3/4’s of a Gallon as they grow and start with that.

Talking about those fabric pots, how are they to grow in? I was considering using those, does it much much difference or is it just a growers preference?

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I think depends on what you’re doing. Plastic pots are little easier to transplant out of, but seems way easier to finish in a fabric pot. They will help combat root rot and root binding later in grow since you really don’t want to be transplanting once in flower.

Also not sure how much sense it makes it makes to go from something like 1/2 gallon to 3/4 gallon pot. You could probably do party cup to 1/2 gallon, to 1 gallon, to 3 gallon, to whatever pot you plan to finish in. 1/2 gallin to 1 gallon and 1 gallon to 2 gallon aren’t much different in size other than height. So you don’t really gain much by doing that transplant more than once. I went straight to 3 gallon from 1/2 gallon, here’s why


“Also not sure how much sense it makes it makes to go from something like 1/2 gallon to 3/4 gallon pot.” When I said that measurement I meant the amount of feed for the plant haha, I am germinating in rock wool cubes then was going to put it into the coco when the roots develop straight into the 14L (3.5 Gallon approx).

Hopefully this will be ok?


Ha, sorry! You are doing straight coco? 1/2-1 gallon of solution sounds about right depending on where you’re at in grow.

Personally I would probably look to do something between starting in rock wool and your final pot. You will get kinda slow growth until you have root ball going. That takes longer in larger pot. Let’s say you go to 1 gallon first… In coco I would expect couple days where you don’t really notice much, then you will go to your space and see a another set of nodes every day. Once plant is over growing the 1 gallon it will slow a little, that’s when you transplant. Then you’ll be kinda slow again for couple days before plant takes off again. As opposed to going straight to final pot, you won’t really get the cycles of explosive growth. Will take probably week or so until root ball is built, then will take off until it just kinda falls flat.


@dbrn32, Thanks for the heads up that was actually extremely helpful!

I will go invest in a couple of smaller one gallon containers to the first grow in and wait for the growth to slow. I would much rather see my babies go through the explosive growth, rather than drag its feet to the finish line!

Really appreciate all the help here, it’s all these little pieces that make the difference!

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You would likely see it anyway in coco, but potting up throughout veg should really keep them moving well.

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