Watering amount

My plants are only a week and 2 days old and have developed second set of leaves,I have not transplanted to their final home yet.Is it ok to water them until I see it seep out of the bottom of the cup now or is that too much water for young plants,they are in 8 ounce cups now

Yes but make sure after watering you wait long enough for the soil to dry out ah little so you don’t soak the roots and drown them .

I like what Yoshi said. Err on the side of not drowning them, but if they are growing; You can drench the vessel. Advice above is spot on. Alllow them to dry almost completely before watering. In a week or 2, they will be healthy.

Hey latewood I have a question for you.I hear your the man with soil growing.my question is,I have 2 plants in fox farm ocean forest that I flushed first really well and I have 6 in seedling starter,the 2 in fox farm were started 1 day before the others but they are progressing much much faster than the other 6.Is this due to the Nutrients in the fox farm and if so should I go ahead and put the other 6 in fox farm?

I would do what is working best. Eye witness experience of your grow events are the best way to learn. Follow your heart. :smiley:

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