Watering after transplanting

Initially i found i was overwatering my seedlings so Im cautious about watering now. Just transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots. My question is, how much water should I be looking at watering with? After transplanting I used about 1L in each pot just poured in a ring around the plant. I’ll need to water probably tonight. Should i be watering until there’s a certain amount of runoff? Im completely clueless here.

I have been following @Hellraiser growing methods. Going from solo cups to 3 gal was half gallon each. Obviously it was like 8 days before watering again. The roots will now automatically want to spread their legs, they cant if the hit dry soil. You dont want dry pockets in the pot.

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So I should really give them a good watering tonight then? I’ll water them until everything looks damp and there’s some runoff. Then ill just monitor the soil over the next week and see when I’ll need to water again

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That’s what I would recommend. Been doing it with mine.

these went from solo cups on June 19


Thanks for your quick responses. I’ll definitely give them a good watering tonight.

Had a hard time with watering mine also when in cups, it can make you gun shy. Finally got my head around the fact that it isn’t how much water you give them but the amount of time between. Like I said, gave half gallon each and was 8 days before I watered again. Seen a little droop after second round so that may have even been a little early.

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Heres what I do when transplanting into pots.
Put the new soil into a plastic tarp or wheelbarrow and spray water on it and mix thoroughly until its all humid, not wet. You should be able to squeeze it in your hand and nothing comes out. Plant in that and your root will expand into it my better. Water gently after planting. Happy growing.

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